Digital Marketing Industry Trends for 2018

The digital marketing industry has gained a momentum in the modern time. Every year witnesses new technologies, out of which some ideas gets welcomed while others are rejected by the business world. It is crucial to get in the competition, appeal to new markets and make your presence and reputation concrete. This in turn will make you the leaders in their industry.

2018 looks to be a promising year for digital marketing, and here are the few prominent trends that will prove to be the most effective ones:

The dominating factor
Video ads are not new in the block and YouTube has given a whole new meaning to the video ads. And now platforms like Facebook and Bing are offering advertisers video options. 2018 will witness Google to board with in-SERP video advertising which is the positive sign that shows the continuous involvement of video in unexpected places. And Google’s ownership of YouTube makes this possibility limitless.

App indexing and more apps
With the existing presence of app indexing, 2018 will understand better about the advantages that pertains to the visibility of a dedicated app. Mobile-optimized sites rightly appeal the mobile crowd but now apps are there to replace them. Apps have the ability to perform all the activities that websites can do in a more convenient and accessible way. 2016 will certainly prove to be a pivotal year in app adoption for various businesses.

Mobile v/s desktop
2018 witnessed Google declaring that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in 10 different countries. It also witnessed the release of “Mobilegeddon” -algorithm to ensure that the sites are optimized for mobile. Point to mention here is that you don’t need an optimized desktop site in addition to a mobile version; a mobile-only site is perfectly completely acceptable by Google. So the smart money rests on mobile-focused digital marketing trends.

A brand new way of optimization
Previously Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising have been two highly popular strategies to reach your audience and rank high in the Google ranking. But the rise of digital assistants of 2016 is going to offer a new kind of optimization. Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana remains to be the traditional search engines to find information. However, the key to optimizing in this new format ensures easy access of the business information to these assistants rather than trying to funnel people to your site specifically.

The age of virtual reality

2018 will witness a number of virtual reality devices like video games and others that are meant for the general use. Oculus Rift is the arguably most hyped VR device that all set to release in the first quarter of 2016. Along with Oculus Rift other VR devices will emerge as an entire new medium of online advertising that with integrate with the popular social media platforms, video channels, and direct messaging.

Internet of Things (IoT) on the rise

Wearable smart devices would start gaining more grips going into 2018. A first-generation smartwatch was already introduced by Apple in 2015, but more such smartwatches and similar wearable devices will surface in 2018. It will change the landscape of local marketing and diminish the lines between digital and real-time marketing.


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